“May the leather we shape, may we build good relationship”

our mission & vision

“To become one of the leading industrialist in the field of leather industry”

Brightness in its field

Leather at Muneer Tannery has a bright future in the crust and finished leather & offer excellent and best material even a low cost to its customers the world over.

Prioritizing Satisfaction

Satisfaction of the customer is our first priority. We offer excellent class of finished leather.


We have a team of talented and hardworking workforce that manage the overall production and functions of the business that help attain our company goals.


Leather manufacturing process is divided into five  fundamental sub-processes:

Preparatory stage, Tanning stage, Crusting stage, Dyed stage, Shaping into finished form stage (On sampling)

Some of our Work

Production Process

Main production processes at Muneer Tannery are state of the art and follow Standard Quality & Operational procedures to produce the best quality leather articles.



Muneer Tannery was Established in 1994. And is located in karachi, Sindh. We are a Medium sized tannery doing our own production. Muneer Tannery is one of the leading manufacturers in leather production.

Our Tannery has a beam house production capacity of up to 1800 * 3 sq ft.

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Inquire about our products from any part of the world. We are open to answering your business inquiries and also fulfill any demand or order you place.
Business Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.

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We are in a position to supply you the best quality of full chrome, semi chrome and full vegetable crust, dyed crust, finished, lining leather of cow, goat, sheep and buffalo, also for garment leather.